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Talking Cat Teacher 240x320

Download Free Talking Cat Teacher 240x320
Hello Parents! Want to give pleasure in study to your child? They get bored after some time during studing? Want to teach them alphabets,colours name, shapes and numbers?I will teach them in my Smart class. I will shout on them in case they will not interact with me. I am very funny and well trained teacher. I will show them picture with alphabets, I will show them objects while teaching countings,I will show them colored stars forcolors training. I will also teach them beautiful shapes too.

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Optical Illusions By Techne Apps V 1.00(0)

Download Free Optical Illusions By Techne Apps V 1.00(0)
No need of visiting a magician or an illusionist to be wowed!We have optical illusions right here that will be enjoyable to study and share.

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English Dictionary 9

Download Free English Dictionary 9
INTRODUCTION Perfect dictionary of English language explaining the meaning of words. Shows results as you type • offline, youdon't pay for internet connection • touch screen, qwerty and classic keyboard supported • thousands of entries • small file size (compressed) • instant boot up • 5 font sizes available • easy touse • 1 out of 10 gets 50% discount - give it a try

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Super Stylish Calculator

Download Free Super Stylish Calculator

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Theme Creator For Nokia S40 Devices 240x320

Download Free Theme Creator For Nokia S40 Devices 240x320
THEME CREATOR FOR NOKIA s40 devices having Screen resolution=240x320. . Tools needed : 1) file attached in this post and 2) blueftp . Steps to install : --Download and install the software attached in this post. (It is nothing but alchemy os which contain theme creator pre-install.) Steps to create themes : --after selecting all the menu icons, wallpapers and font colors, select create theme from menu. --it will ask to select a folder for saving output files.(make sure that the sele

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Littlebitsoft Little Youtube Downloader V5.00(0) S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle J2me

Download Free Littlebitsoft Little Youtube Downloader V5.00(0) S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle J2me
This is a simple YouTube Downloader for mobile phones, including touch enabled devices. Little YourTube Downloader supports different resolutions - from 240p to High Definition 720p. You don't need to wait until the video is downloaded this application supports multiple downloads. If the internet connection drops Little YouTube Downloader will resume the downloads with no problem. If you like application please share it with your friends. Enjoy! Password RAR :

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Duomi 3.6.0 English Translated By Dev92

Download Free Duomi 3.6.0 English Translated By Dev92
Version:3.6 Description:Duomi is a very good music player with many features.But it needs network connection when you will open it and play it. It has inbuilt download manager.You can download songs via this download manager.For use download manager you have to create a account in this app.Some chinese songs have preinstalled in Duomi. It has quick scan and full scan option.If you select quick scan then it will search music in phone and memory card root directory.If you select full scan then

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One Browser 3.1 With Advanced Menu

Download Free One Browser 3.1 With Advanced Menu
Modifications: 1. Special Characters Menu * By Special Characters Menu we can copy,paste,replace any text and it can save txt,import txt,some special symbols. ------------------------ 2. Super Text * For Super Text edit any text box. ------------------------ 7. Turbo 3 script * Turbo 3 script increase a little bit speed of UC Browser. ------------------------ 4. Advanced Menu * Advanced Menu has many features.Here is the features of Advanced Menu ---------

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