How to hide icon apps on the LG G5 and keep your home screen clean

How to hide icon apps on the LG G5 and keep your home screen clean

With the G5, LG introduced its revamped user interface, UX 5.0 Home Screen, which is way more streamlined than any of its predecessors. That's a positive change on LG's end, as we were never fans of the vivid and childish-like interfaces on the G3 and the G4. The new one is more mature and we like it that way, but sadly, some arguably useful features got ditched. The app drawer are gone, for example, which means that all of the apps are placed on the home screens, just like on iOS. This means that all of your apps are placed on your home screen, and there's no other way about it! How to hide these? Put them in a folder? Well, sure, you can do that, but LG's got our backs with a much more elegant approach. Check it out right below!


First things first, press and hold the home screen of LG G5 until the home screen customization menus pop up.


In the menu that appears, tap on home screen settings, which is exactly what we need.


Once you're inside, swipe down till you see the "Hide Apps" option. Needless to say, tap on it!


You will be presented with a list of all the apps on your device. There a small checkbox in the upper left corner of each one, which allows you to select the apps you want to hide.


After you've made up your mind, don't forget to tap the "Apply" button in the bottom right corner. Voila, you're done! The selected apps will no longer appear on your home screen(s).