Highlights of Redmi Note 3

Highlights of Redmi Note 3

Highlights of Redmi Note 3: - Helio X10 MediaTek Flagship Processor - 4000 mAh large battery - Metal body, 8.65mm, 164g, thin and light - Fingerprint sensor, unlocks in 0.3s - 13MP PDAF Autofocus - 2GB LPDDR3 dual-channel - 1080P, 5.5” full HD - 4G Dual SIM, both SIM slots support 4G - 802.11ac Wi-Fi - MIUI 7 operating system Introducing the Sleek Full Metal Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (HD)
Redmi Note 3 is the third generation of Redmi Note series, and it shares similarity with the old Redmi Notes, but it has more cool features and designs to boast. To begin with, it is the first Mi phone to get a full metal body and fingerprint sensor. More updates are coming along. What other features would you like it to have?

Key feature 1: Fingerprint Sensor

Key feature 2: all metal body

Key feature 3: a 4000-mAh battery

Specs of Redmi Note 3

3 colors to choose from for Redmi Note 3:Silver, Gold and Dark grey

Price??? I'd like to know! RMB 899(≈$145) for Redmi Note (16GB model) and RMB 1,099(≈$177) (32GB model)