Free android apps to test your phone hardware

Free android apps to test your phone hardware

If you own an Android smartphone, you usually know if everything on it is working properly or not. However, sometimes you may not be aware of the hardware problems that your device has. And that's why there are various apps that allow you to test your phone's hardware capabilities - from the different sensors inside it (some of which you might not even know that are there) to audio performance, dead pixels, battery, and so on. Test apps can also be really useful when you're buying a second-hand smartphone, and you want to make sure it's not a defective unit. Even is your device doesn't have any issues, it can still be interesting to use a test app on it at least once. There aren't too many free apps of this kind that are really worth trying, but those that are can be checked out below 1. AnTuTu Tester

AnTuTu Tester

Obviously made by the guys behind AnTuTu Benchmark, AnTuTu Tester features a battery test script that needs to run for hours in order to give your battery a score - which you can then compare to battery test scores of other phones. Also included are a multi touch test, LCD test (to find dead pixels), grayscale test, color bar test, and a detailed "Device Information" tab. Download AnTuTu Tester On GooglePlay 2. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus

Also available on iOS, Phone Doctor Plus includes no less than 25 tests - from simple things like Bluetooth, GPS, or 3G and 4G connectivity, to patented processes that test the capabilities of your phone's speaker, earphone, and microphone. CPU, memory, and storage speed tests are also available. On top of it all, Phone Doctor Plus has a nice and friendly interface. Download Phone Doctor Plus On GooglePlay 3. Phone Tester

Phone Tester

This app pretty much does what its name says, so it's not too different from the others that we're presenting here. Sensors, Wi-Fi, telephony, battery, camera, and more - all can be analyzed with Phone Tester, which is the only app on our list that's been specifically updated to support Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Download Phone Tester On GooglePlay 4. Sensor Box

Sensor Box

If you want an app that only tests your phone's sensors, try Sensor Box. Apart from detecting the sensors that your handset has, Sensor Box also explains how they work. Here's exactly what the app can detect: gyroscope, light sensors, orientation sensor, proximity sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, magnetic field, pressure, and sound intensity. Download Sensor Box On GooglePlay